Who is the Country Doctor?

The Country Doctor is award-winning rural New Zealand GP William Ferguson.

GP WIlliam Ferguson The Country Doctor

The recipes on this blog are created by his daughter-in-love Erin and his wife Jessica, in consultation with William’s vast knowledge about diet and its effects on health.

Miles and Erin

We create and test our recipes in our family kitchen in Kumeu, New Zealand. Much of the produce we used is grown by William and Jessica in our vegetable garden, surrounded by native plants, an everlasting lemon tree, and perennial birdsong.

Our Garden

It’s a tricky business cooking meals for our family – our little country kitchen is the perfect test-lab for creating delicious food that must satisfy the requirements of a fussy eater, a gluten intolerant chili-lover, a person with MS, a heart-health-conscious oenophile, and a hungry, discerning omnivore with no dietary limitations.

Our recipes our rigorously tested and created with love, in the hope of offering you healthy but luxe gastronomical options. We hope you enjoy them!

The Country Doctor Garden


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